Autumn, in comparison (Fall, in comparison)

Two images, one RAW, one processed.

A well known photographer in Ireland, Ciaran Whyte recently expressed distain from having to judge 500 landscape images and advised that landscape photographers put down the saturation slider, among other things.

Landscape is normally about colour, depth, filling an image with interest and containment (maintaining the viewers eyesight within the image). Obviously B&W contravenes that but in general this holds.

The processed image below did not have any saturation slider applied to it. Well, in a manner of speaking. Applying a generic slider to an image generally darkens it so I used the Selective Colour tool to subtract colour from the colour channels rather than add unnecessary colour. It applies a boost in real colour without darkening the image. Doing the same and applying a mask that went through the calculations settings for the sky and duplicating helped to bring a sense of reality to an otherwise dead sky.

Hope you like.





The odd bridge

I’ve no idea why the arches in this bridge are all different sizes. Any ideas??

Ballycarney Bridge, halfway between Enniscorthy & Bunclody, Co. Wexford, Ireland.

Ballycarney Bridge

Trying to be Vivian Maier

I saw the film “Finding Vivian Maier” and loved the finish of the Rolleiflex. I’ve tried before to replicate the finish but you know, it’s not possible and a fruitless exercise. But I think I came close.
And yes, sharpness is over-rated.

Finding Vivian Maiers finish?

Finding Vivian Maiers finish?

Graveyard of a 1,000 ships.

Furlongs road…the place where you can oversee the graveyard of a 1,000 shops…Ballytiegue Bay. To the left is Kilmore Quay and the Saltee Islands.

Furlongs Road

Tintern Abbey

My first excursion for quote a while had me up at 5.20am to catch the sunrise at Tintern Abbey in South Co. Wexford. I got to the location but clouds ruined the day but waiting for the predicted sunrise at 6.37am according to the Photographers Ephemeris but no. Nothing but muck. So on a mucky day it normally calls for a B&W eye. So I did. Soon after I left the area at 8.45am the sun came out…and that just about summed up my weekend.

Tintern in colour


Little House

A river runs through it

The Entrance

Tintern Abbey

Through the arched type looking window

Never before…

I played a lot but never before could I get an image to look as realistic as this. Thank you Guy Gowan.

(C) Alan Rossiter

The Decisive Moment

Yes, “The Decisive Moment” – mostly connected with HCB (you know who). But this one is personalised.
I haven’t posted here for a couple of weeks. And there’s a reason for that. I mentioned before that I was going to join up with a membership to Guy Gowans page. Well, I did {Enter applause here}. It was a commitment for me because I like to play with images. Push, pull, tweak and generally play with an image to oblivion and beyond…then a bit more for good health.
But I had seen Guy Gowan in action a couple of years back. I was BLOWN AWAY. D’ya hear that? BLOWN AWAY.
But I settled back into my sand pit and played.
So recently I saw some of Guys free webcasts and I was intrigued again. It was like watching a magician in action and you’re wondering…how’d he do that? So I found out.
It wasn’t plain sailing. There is a severe learning curve and personal adjustments you need to make with his Action Sets. And you need to understand them. As Guy himself says if you cannot repeat the processing on an image you don’t understand…enter Exhibit A !!
But he has just brought out his latest version and to say I was BLOWN AWAY (yes, again) is an understatement. But this time it was on my own images.
So here are a couple of examples. First…who said a photographer couldn’t shoot in the middle of the day. Now come on…tell me that this isn’t a desirable and dramatic Before/After?



And here’s another example – look how the clouds are recovered and there aren’t any pen tools used to mask either. Both images (above and below) took about 5 minutes. Plus I really should stop using frames like that below. And the best thing is I can repeat these steps consistently.



I will not be showing the finer details on how these images were processed as this is the privilege of Guy Gowan and it would be the height of hypocracy to copyright my images but divulge the services and techniques of Guy Gowan.

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