The Storm Cometh

Ever since I was young I’ve been interested in weather…especially storms. Nothing like a good thunder storm to liven the place up. My idea of a good holiday would be to  chase tornados in the US. Probably because I’ve already seen three of them. OK, not the US ones, just small Irish ones. I think they’re called straw whirlwinds where frequently in calm summer months you’ll see a whisp of straw shooting up from a field…harmless things.
The best one was froma true storm one afternoon while at work. Looking out through a window where it was snowing, hailing, thundering…typical Ireland weather, I saw clouds rotating in the sky…then I saw a shot of water come up from a field. A JCB at the back of the factory moved in the wind, a 6′ x 8′ shed turned 90degrees, 2 rolling doors blew out and a car was damaged. Still tame though.
The image above was from an odd evening lately where thunder was forecast but not in the sunny South-East. This was a cloud formation coming in against the direction of the wind which normally indicates thunder. On this occasion it didn’t so I have yet to capture a photograph of lightning. Some day…

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