You’re screwed

I find competition brings out the best in your imagination and exercises the brain as well as the ability with the camera. A club competition coming up (May 25th) has the title “What the hell is that?” so I had to ge tthe thinking hat on. Did I get anywhere? No! The oul imagination had to rely on Flickr to boost it. I had seen an image like this on Flickr but I thought I’d bring it a bit further with a mirror and a couple of torches. Obviously these are screws…now that you’ve twigged the title. At first glance were you sure?
The 4 larger screws weren’t wanting to play ball on this occasion. As they are so tall and I discovered that they were magnetised they would wobble and stick to each other before knocking down other screws. That’s why there’s only 4 of them.
A tight beam LED torch above the “silver” screws to the fromt as well as waving a wide angle beam torch side to side during the 4 second exposure helped to illuminate and add contrast. Will it do well? Only time will tell…

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