On der fone

Duncannon Fort, Wexford, Ireland. On the June Bank Holiday in Duncannon many historical groups converge on the fort to present their depictions of history. Re-enactments, battles and displays of a military nature take place. It’s a prime spot for presenting images which defy logic, such as the one above of a German officer with a mobile phone…yes, we know it’s a modern day necessity but it does seem odd looking.
The processing was quite simple at this one. A slight rotation, an adaptive contrast layer and a mask on the face to bring up the detail again and then a B&W conversion in CS3. Then the Octave Sharpening that I referred to in an earlier post with the “flowers” masked out and the opacity changed to 75%. The original can be seen on my site.
As always contact me for any further info. Of course, there were other oddities too…such as 2000 years of history in the one image!

2 thoughts on “On der fone

  1. this is astonishing. i know you say it was a rather simple processing task, but i googled "adaptive contrast layer" and found some pretty complicated tutorials! if you know of any good but more straightforward examples of how to do this, either on your site or elsewhere, i'd love to know where they are so I can learn. your work is amazing.

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