Film Photography

“I’ll never take up film photography”

It’s funny how statements from the past come back to haunt you. I gave this statement about 18 months ago on Photography Ireland and got a few retorts that put me back in my box. It was an innocent statement but one I wholeheartedly believed in.
18 months later and I’ve put Ebay under stress as well as the bank balance. To date I’ve received a Nikon FG that I had given to my father over 20 years ago as he has “a digital camera and won’t ever use film again”…some trends go up generations too.
So I’ve bought 4 film cameras…not content with 1.
The Brick (Argus C3 Matchmatic):

A “Zero Image” MF pinhole (6×6)

A Holga 120N

And on its way in time for Christmas is a Hasselbladski, aka a Kiev 88CM MLU

So, happy days!!
Please note – the images you see represent the cameras that I have purchased and these images are from other review and sales sites. If you click on the images you will be taken to these sites.

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