Film…the story so far…

A friend says to me “So, wonky…where’s all this film stuff you’ve been doing”. Well, it’s been an adventure. First I got a Kiev 88CM…I was warned they could be difficult or might not work at all…but first shoot was quite good.
Then it went a little downhill. I went to Johnstown Castle and I found a little light leak…just a little one.
OK, this I could have fixed with a new seal. But then this black band happened on all exposures with the next back.
Ignore the scratching…I have that one sussed. But I thought this was a shutter problem so sent the camera back. Only tonight I discovered looking back at mixes (or soups…if you like) that I had only made a 500ml mix instead of 600ml…so the black band is not developed correctly. Ah well!
But in the meantime I had the Holga out for a run:
This turned out OK but in low light conditions it wasn’t what I’d seen others doing…so slowly got disillusioned with this whole film thing. But I ran another roll through the Holga:
Faith restored. More recently I’ve run a roll through a pinhole and the Bronica GS-1 but got too brave and tried a stand development…stupid idiot…should have stayed with the basics first till I know what I’m doing. I have a film through the Holga drying at the moment run at Massive Development times and the negs look good. Now if I could only get to grips with the scanner!
To be continued…

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