Whale Watching?

3 mental sons, stuck in front of a TV fighting over who was on the PS3 next. An idea – go see the whales that have been reported off Hook Head. So 3 kids, wife, 2 cameras and off we went. As soon as we got there we could see the shine of car roofs through the haze – not the only ones out for a Sunday afternoon of amusement.
Driving down the peninsula we saw snow drifts…we got closer and they were mounds of foam from the surf…of course – the storm from yesterday was still wild at sea.
So we saw no whales. We didn’t look. We were bemused with the people standing around the perimeter of the inlet under the Tower (Hook Lighthouse) watching the waves converging and shooting into the sky. Everyone seemed to have a camera or a dog…why no one had both is one of those unnecessary but curious thoughts. So I tried to get something that showed the people and the tower and the waves. This was probably the better of the day but with the wind and the cold we didn’t stay long. Last time I did this I got soaked but it was worth it. 
Of course I said 2 cameras – my wife had the other. I think she pipped me at the post today with this one. Competition is tough in the Rossiter Household!

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