So what is street photography?

This is a peculiar question to ask anyone who isn’t into “Street Photography”…but what is it…I mean, street photography? To me it’s a answer that I initially thought was an easy one until I tried to answer it.


 Is it people in an environment where the image produced holds the viewers attention longer than a passing glance?

Or even more detailed – where a person sees an image where they exhale a short burst of air through their nose…not a laugh or a snort, just a recognition of a situation in a period of time?

 It can be when a sequence of events leads to an image where you think “You couldn’t make it up” – almost like spotting a rare bird or witnessing an unusual sporting event…you can say you were there.
But on the other hand the juxtaposition of people with their environment suits well. Just in a position that holds the attention but nothing startling stands out…it’s just a situation. But then you just take a photograph just because it’s an interesting composition and the people just add to the randomness and create a pleasing effect.
To try to answer the initial question – it’s probably a lot of things to a lot of people but the interesting fact is that it is just that – varying and diverse. Rather like the people that feature in the images.

3 thoughts on “So what is street photography?

  1. wow wow wow.. love it. Black and white. The woman in black (the fist image) smoking and generating huge smoke ha ha. How can you able to capture such an interesting pic?

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