They’re out there

This is an oldie…a camera club outing when I was a member of Wexford Camera Club and we saw lights in the sky. I took this shot of the phenomenon for posterity…it went on for several minutes.

OK…not a UFO, but a FO…or helicopter to be precise. There were reports of flares seen over Wexford Harbour and the Wexford RNLI and the Waterford based helicopter were out investigating. The lights you see to the right is what a 6 second exposure of a helicopter with searchlights on and flashing beacon looks like. The “beams” from the left are flare from a lamp post. Scary, eh? But would you believe that this was reported to UFO Ireland and claimed to be the first sighting of low, hovvering lights seen in Wexford. They weren’t too happy when I sent them this image and explanation of what the lights were.

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