Row to Hell

Thinking what to do with photography has been my biggest challenge…and something to challenge me is what I need. It’s OK to take photographs to make them a representation of what you saw on the day. I’ve done that…went through the pains of making colour corrections to represent “reality”. But that doesn’t excite me. B&W does to an extent as this isn’t “reality” unless you’re colour blind. No, what I wanted was something different, something that shows a feeling, not a moment in time.
I’ve always liked the Holga, a plastic camera with a plastic lens which shows what would normally be considered inferior images. It’s up to the viewer, I suppose, but I’ve always liked the flaws and the not-so-sharp appeal. More on this later. But I also liked images where what you don’t see is as important as what you do see.
This image is a rework of a simple rowing boat shot. But the appeal, or so I’ve been told, is that it’s recognisable, but not recognisable at the same time. The perception is there to what it is but the questions – who, what, where, when start to appear.
I like this sort of stuff…dunno why!

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