Irish Optimism

This is a rare find. Rare in what way? Well, in Ireland if you want the weather to be in your favour you put this little statuette in your window. This is the little Child of Prague. The reason it’s rare is that it normally has the head glued on where it broke off…where the statuette was blown off the window from the storm. And so is the weather in Ireland.

This image was taken with my new toy. I’ve spent thousands on lenses. I’ve seen others spend thousands more trying to get the sharpest image, the correct tonal colours, etc. I stopped such a chase some time ago. But I did venture into film photography some time ago for a short spell. And the most appealing type of image to me was the contrasting shadows of the Holga. Now don’t get me wrong, I liked film photography but I considered it a drawn out labour intensive task. Load film, shoot, unload, transfer to a spool in the dark, develop with chemicals, dry, scan, adjust contrast, etc on computer. No, too much.

But then I spotted a Holga lens that has an adaptor to suit my camera. And so the ability to take Holga type images again came home. And I’m loving it. Noise, shadows, distortion, vignette…who needs grey lenses.

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