Bionic Holga

WTF is a Bionic Holga? It’s a digital camera with a Holga Lens. Bit like a Ferrari with Lexus lights. Looks awful and sounds awful but if you want Holga type images without the pain and time needed to develop film this is the best compromise.

I’ve mentioned before the interest I had in Holga type images…when they were done right. I’ve seen some rubbish but I’ve also seen some skilled photographers produce some amazing images with them. So it can be done. Now it’s time to see what works best with a Holga, €12 plastic lens.

(C) Alan Rossiter

Rosslare Strand is a nice place to visit and you can pick up the unusual angle here given the high slopes to the beach. A sunny say with shadows helps. Nothing like a tropical outlook when trying to shelter from the winter wind.

(C) Alan RossiterAnd the best of it is that when you look for something with a fixed focal length like the Holga you move around more and notice the unusual. (Notice I didn’t call it a “Prime Lens”). This cannon, one of a pair, I’d not seen before.

RailsThank God for a quiet railway. Rosslare Strand has a railway Station. Who’d have thunk it, eh? Must be popular with the big smoke, aka Dublin.

Step BackAlways do as you’re told. Similar to above it’s the less obvious that becomes more interesting.

Put yer feet upWho sat here last? I wonder, as it’s on the wrong side of the tracks from the station. But anyways, a typical subject.

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