Golf View

OK – this is the first of the new before/after entries. It’s not a great image but I wanted to practice pulling out colour. I had been looking at Serge Ramelli recently and he has a nice consistent flow which may seem overdone to some but it has its place.
This is an image taken from the hip with a Sony A700 with a Sigma 24-70mm lens F2.8 at Wexford Golf Club in 2012.
ISO 800, 70mm, 1/50sec & F5.6 shot in RAW.
(C) Alan Rossiter

(C) Alan Rossiter

The image was 90% processed in Lightroom 5.3 with the following steps:
Highlights -100%
Shadows +100%
Minor adjustments with whites and blacks.
Temp 6405, Tint +25 Magenta
54% noise removal, 43% sharpening
Local adjustments on the plant by increasing exposure, contrast, saturation, clarity & vibrance slightly.
Gradient from the top to darken the sky and add tint (+47 Magenta), Highlights -49, Shadow -15, Noise -59

OK – info overload.

I had to bring this into Photoshop to reduce the noise further, noise which surprised me but the 100% shifts in highlights and shadows were bound to have an effect. Reduced noise using Imagenomic Noiseware. Applied a sharpening technique called Octave Sharpening courtesy of Ciaran Whyte and added a mask derived from the blue channel. Then a 1px stroke and new signature.

I’m tired now!! Next time I don’t think I’ll be as detailed but you could tell me that.

Don’t forget to go to my Facebook Page where you may see more of these that don’t require much work.

(C) Alan Rossiter

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