Swan in Flight

This is another old image. Back in 2008 I had invested in a wildlife hide (Santa had come) and I had my Bigma (50-500mm Sigma lens). This was in a place called Tacumshane Lake south Wexford and it was a very uneventful morning apart from spotting a merlin.
So this image. The first obvious step was the crop…shooting a Bigma isn’t easy when tracking a swan.



The new version above doesn’t do the image justice but here’s the process in Lightroom 5.3:
Cropped and slight rotation to get more suitable composition
Reduction in temp to 5095, Magenta +11.
Shadows -21, Highlights +19, Blacks -12.
Clarity +31, Noise reduction 21

Boosted the blacks & highlights by 10% & 15% respectively.
Reduced noise. Placed a light horizontal motion blur on the water and background and masked the swan loosely.
Burned the mid-tones on the wings.
Sharpened by using the green channel as a mask.
Placed and resized my signature.

Simples. Hope you like.

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