Gannet Colony

I’d processed this one before but it was a little harsh, too hard on the eye. I’ve learned a bit more since this image was taken, thankfully.
This was an image taken on an outing with Wexford Camera Club to the Great Saltee Island off Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford. Throughout June the gannets nest and are quite approachable but to be honest you’re still better off standing back to give them their privacy.

F11, 1/500th sec, ISO400, 100mm, Sony A700, Sigma 50-500mm.

Gannet Colony-2

The first changes, as ever are with Lightroom. As ever, and following with Serge Ramelli’s workflow I adjust the White Balance but not by much – 5500 temp, +14 magenta.
Highlights -100, Shadows +100, Whites +31, Blacks -33.
Just in case I ticked the “Remove Chromatic Aberration”

Then to Photoshop.
Obviously the dust spots had to be removed followed by a slight removal of noise. Then I boosted the highlights (10%) and shadows (10%). I boosted the saturation through colour subtraction, put a slight gradient overlay layer to contain the sky and sharpened via Octave Sharpening as detailed in earlier images.
All was left was the signature.

But bringing this back into Lightroom I noticed that the highlights were a bit high so post-post processing (of which there is nothing wrong, I might add) consisted of an adjustment of -69 in Highlights. A little bump of noise removal and a slight, slight vignette and we’re done.

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Gannet Colony

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