Bus or Bud?

Gaining a fascination with street photography again…and with the toning of images. This image I wanted to dull the tones for a more cinematographic effect just to practice. I spent a lot of time trying and got it somewhere near where I wanted it…then said to hell with that and converted to B&W which is what Street Photography should be about.


So in Lightroom I got the profile for the camera corrected, rotated clockwise slightly and gave a 50% pre sharpen.
On to lightroom I did a little bit of noise reduction and played with the tones with the following setup…probably too many layers there but we tried.

Bookmakers settings

I then used Dan Margulis “Sharpen 2013” action which I find to be the best there is for sharp sharp without halos. Give it a try yourself and thanks Dan!
Finally added a Black fill layer set to “Colour”, added the framing and signature.

Bus or Bud?

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