Bus or Bud?

Gaining a fascination with street photography again…and with the toning of images. This image I wanted to dull the tones for a more cinematographic effect just to practice. I spent a lot of time trying and got it somewhere near where I wanted it…then said to hell with that and converted to B&W which is what Street Photography should be about.


So in Lightroom I got the profile for the camera corrected, rotated clockwise slightly and gave a 50% pre sharpen.
On to lightroom I did a little bit of noise reduction and played with the tones with the following setup…probably too many layers there but we tried.

Bookmakers settings

I then used Dan Margulis “Sharpen 2013” action which I find to be the best there is for sharp sharp without halos. Give it a try yourself and thanks Dan!
Finally added a Black fill layer set to “Colour”, added the framing and signature.

Bus or Bud?


Waiting on the night

Just a quick before/after shot. Numerous settings, contrast adjustments, plenty of dodging/burning and a decent vignette. A white border added to enhance the darks.


The Crescent

A well known spot in Wexford is the Crescent. A well photographed spot but this is no different to any other images from the same spot. The difference in this one is the processing that it went through to get to the final image.

15sec, f/11, ISO200, 24mm
Crescent pre-processed

Enable Lens Profile
Cropped the angle to straighten
Temp 2.6K, Tint +21 Magenta
Highlights -100, Shadows +100
Clarity +29, Vibrance +36, Saturation +5, Contrast +38
Added graduated filter to remove flare from water spot.

Added more contrast using the Selective Colour Layer using only White, Midtone & Blacks.
Cropped away bottom left and the railing from the right.
Added a layer and changed mode to Multiply and filtered the buildings to enhance the foreground.
Sharpened and added the signature.

Crescent - After

Over-Saturated Wexford Quay

I’m not keen on putting up shots from Wexford Quay…it’s an over-saturated view point. So I tried to make this different with the crop, the singular person and the conversion.
Hope you like it.

Le Quay avec B&W

A gap in the rocks

By now you should be able to work out my workflow from earlier posts – for the moment I’ve been following a consistent workflow.

This image was bland. It was a foggy morning with no colour. But there was some colour so it was only a matter of boosting what was there and adding what you’d imagine was there. A little contrast/clarity adjustments, a touch of brightening in the centre of the image to help the perceptio of depth and sharpening in Photoshop with the signature.
Hope you like the transformation.
(C) Alan Rossiter 2014

(C) Alan Rossiter 2014

“Photography can never be abstract”

“In a strict sense photography can never be abstract, for the camera is incapable of synthetic integration” – Ansel Adams

And I agree. Adams went on to say that what we call abstract is merely a piece of something shown where the viewer interprets it as abstract.
So here we go with a non-abstract image…of a rock.


So a rock, once you know it’s a rock, it cannot be unseen.


Temperature to 6.5K
Tint to +29 Magenta
SHadows +38, Highlights -45
White +19, Black -33
Clarity +100, Vibrance +36, Contrast +26
Sharpening +89, Lens Profile Correction enabled

Defog, Sharpen in Green & Signature

Lightroom #2:
Vignette -2


Gannet Colony

I’d processed this one before but it was a little harsh, too hard on the eye. I’ve learned a bit more since this image was taken, thankfully.
This was an image taken on an outing with Wexford Camera Club to the Great Saltee Island off Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford. Throughout June the gannets nest and are quite approachable but to be honest you’re still better off standing back to give them their privacy.

F11, 1/500th sec, ISO400, 100mm, Sony A700, Sigma 50-500mm.

Gannet Colony-2

The first changes, as ever are with Lightroom. As ever, and following with Serge Ramelli’s workflow I adjust the White Balance but not by much – 5500 temp, +14 magenta.
Highlights -100, Shadows +100, Whites +31, Blacks -33.
Just in case I ticked the “Remove Chromatic Aberration”

Then to Photoshop.
Obviously the dust spots had to be removed followed by a slight removal of noise. Then I boosted the highlights (10%) and shadows (10%). I boosted the saturation through colour subtraction, put a slight gradient overlay layer to contain the sky and sharpened via Octave Sharpening as detailed in earlier images.
All was left was the signature.

But bringing this back into Lightroom I noticed that the highlights were a bit high so post-post processing (of which there is nothing wrong, I might add) consisted of an adjustment of -69 in Highlights. A little bump of noise removal and a slight, slight vignette and we’re done.

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Gannet Colony

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